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Croatia  Religion   politics

Image1Religion|The majority of the Croatian population are follower of the Roman Catholic religion. Also several other Christian religions are confessed and a part of the population is Islamic. There are numerous saint places. There are still many processions kept in Croatia. The partitioning of religion is: Roman Catholic (85%), orthodox church 3%, Protestant 1.4% and Islamic 1.2%.

President| Stjepan Mesic
Prime minister | Ivica Racan

Politics | Croatia has got a multi-party system in a parliamentary democracy. With a president. Croatia is a young state which became independent of Yugoslavia just in 1991. On 15 January 1992 recognition took place by the countries which are dovetailed the EC and Croatia became a member of the UN on 22 May 1992. The country maintains diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries. Half of the embassies and consulates are established in the capital Zagreb.

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