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Croatia   Health care

Image1 The Croatian health care is similar with those in other European countries. It is in so far never occurred that there arose health problems as a result of a stay in the country. There are no domestic sicknesses. The disorders which visitors generally get does not go further then a insect bite or a sunstroke. Tap water is drinkable.

See here a list of all Croatian hospitals

Vaccinations | Visitors do not need specific vaccinations. In all large places of Croatia are hospitals, in all smaller places health centres and pharmacies are present. Medical costing visitors who come from an EU country get help in principle with the health insurance from own country in Croatia, but it is recommend concluding a travel insurance which provides also in cover with medical costs nevertheless. Take preferably an insurance which covers repatriation by plane in case of need.

Medicines | Although the current medicines are possible to get without much effort at a pharmacy. Some medicines have not been confessed in Croatia under the commercial name which they have got in the country of origin, but are indicated by means of the active components which they contain. This can hamper buying a medicine. If you use medicines it is advised to have a readable recipe from your doctor on you.

Pharmacy | In the large as well as the smaller cities largely present. These are generally opened from 08.00 till 13.00 and from 15.00 till 19.00. Hygiene is at a very high level in Croatia. Also on public toilets, who are present in large numbers. Take into account for a visit to a public toilet small compensation of this way approximately 2 Kuna.

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