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Croatia  Dishes

Buzara | This is a typical Dalmation speciality, and the more if you like fish because the dish contents scampis, softly cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, onion and lovely Croatian spices. It is lovely Croatian food.

Dalmatinski prsut | Smoked Dalmation pork.

Fis paprikas | Braised meat of fish (generally carp) with paprika powder.

Kulen | Piquant seasoned salami from Slavonia.

Kruh | Frequently baked fresh bread.

Manistra | Approximately the same as it Italian minestrone. Prepare with pod fruit and vegetables.

Oysters | Eaten raw with a little lemon.

Palacinka | The most known Croatian dessert . Double pancake with jam, melted chocolate or rampart note.

Paski sir | Sheep cheese

Pasticada | Stewed beef.

Rizot | A delicious rice dish similar with risotto, prepared with mussels and other sea fruit.

Rozata | Dalmation dessert, Almost the same as cream caramel.

Sarma | Cabbage with meat and spices. This is an origin Turkish dish.

Strukli | Ravioli, made baked in the furnace.

Zagorje strudel | Paste filled with fresh gentle cheese, honey and notes.

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