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Croatia   Eat   Drink

Food | Not many tourists will visit Croatia in the first place for the Croatian kitchen and the Croatian food. In each hotel you will find the normal European kitchen, but the quality of the food depends on the cook. All the main cities and tourist areas have numerous restaurants, pizzeria's, fast food restaurants, pubs and wine cellars. On many places there are also traditional coffee houses where you will taste the finest and best coffee after the Italians. Croatian people love sweet food. The traditional Croatian dishes like Image2 Dalmatian smoked pork (prsut), the salami with paprika (kulen), turkey with mi or macaroni (mlinci), Croatian fish dish (brodet and pasticada) are a must when you visit Croatia. Outside this delicious food you can taste the salted pilchards (a type herring), mushrooms, sheep cheese and the strong Slavonian sauces. The basis of the traditional Croatian kitchen is Slavonian, completed with influences from nearby countries which were important during the Croatian history. In the inland country the food have been based on products of the region such as meat and fruit etc. Near the coast you can eat much fish, sea fruit and vegetables.

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Drinking (tap) water | In Croatia it is possible to drink tap water.

Image1Wines | The Croatian people can make very nice wines of an excellent quality. The traditions and the recipes in the wine-growing are decades old. Nearby the coast you can find the red wines such as Teran, Merlot, Kabernet, Opolo, Plavac and Postup. Nice white wines are Kujundzusa, Malvazija, sparrow cat, Pinot and Posip.

Beer | Pivo is the Croatian word for beer and is a very popular drink in Croatia. Well-known Croatian beer marks are Ozusjko from Zagreb and Karlovacko. In Croatia there is other (Western) beer such as Heineken, certainly in the large cities, mostly available.

Booze | Booze is very much appreciated by the Croatian, especially the different types eau-de-vie, stoked of fruit. A very popular booze is sljivovica. Loza is another popular booze. It is an eau-de-vie on the basis of grapes with an high percentage of alcohol. Another well-known booze is Travarica, this is a drink on the basis of spices.
Also well known drinks: Vinjak (look like wine), Pelinkovac (liquor) and Maraskino (liquor on the basis of maraskino cherries).
These drinks are generally drunk as an aperitif. Of course also the usual Western booze is available in Croatia.

Drinking habits | A typical Croatian tradition is mixing wine with other drinks, such as mineral water or even coke. Bevanda for example is a red or white wine with ordinary water. One of the most popular summer drink in Croatia is a red wine with a sparkling type cola, this drink is called bambus.

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