Croatia Hiking

Walking in Croatia is a wonderful experience, whether it be a gentle walk along a sun soaked beach, a promenade under palm trees or a hike up a mountain. Croatia is so suited to this activity it is impossible to advise where best to go. Hundreds of kilometres of marked paths are at the disposal of walking lovers, from the less demanding to the hardly passable.
All over Croatia recommended paths are marked out by small red circles with a white dot in the middle, which you can find on trees, on lamp-posts and on the sides of buildings, guiding you along through the most interesting parts of the country. Of these tried and tested paths, there are as many completely unexplored, untouched even, except by roaming sheep and their shepherds.
Croatia has such a diversity of landscape, from steep mountainous slopes, covered in pines or rugged and bare, to gentle slopes covered in vineyards. What’s more, you have a lot of National Parks to choose from, many with unsurpassed beauty.
The islands of the Croatian Coast are ideal for a walking holiday. None of the islands are so big that you couldn’t present yourself with the challenge of exploring a whole island on foot during your stay, some islands might just be big enough for you to need two weeks though.

Image1 The 35 Kilometres long Gorski Kotar massif, between the northern coast and the beginning of Pannonische the layer plain (Karlovac), probably offers the best possibilities for mountain walking of the complete country, particularly in the area which belongs to the national park Risnjak. The markings of the paths are international and are maintained by the local mount sport associations. These associations manage also mount huts, except in Velebit-massif, which directly fall under responsibility of the Croatian mountaineer organisation (Hrvatski Planinarski Savez, improve confessed as HPS).

On the more isolated mount tops, where no mount huts are, the markings can be lacking. A rescue organisation is of fundamental importance in the mounts, where accidents can happen. In Croatia the mount rescue service assists for free to everyone who comes in difficulties. You can ring the mount rescue service directly, but it deserves the preference the nearest ring police station. For who climb too much of good finds, there are also hillock chains where excellent walking is, such as Samobor-heuvels and mount Medvednica, where well declared paths are.