Croatia Skiing

Believe it or not, there is some excellent skiing in Croatia. Never mind all those stories you hear about war and landmines in that country. The fact is, the war is over and there are no landmines in some areas. There is the official ski resort, Bjelo Lasica, near Ogulin,
Bjelolasica is the training centre of the Croatian Olympic Skiing Team, located in the Gorski Kotar uplands just a couple of hours drive away from Zagreb. Eight ski slopes reach a maximum height of 1392m above sea level, and are equipped with drag and chair lifts. From Zagreb, take the Split motorway. Continue through Karlovac and Bosiljevo in the Split direction, take the turn for Ogulin, and head for Bjelolasica and Vrelo via Jasenak. Again, a one-day adult ski pass cost 70 kn, and there are loads more sports and leisure facilities you can enjoy.

The most known ski resorts in Croatia are Sljema and Bjelolasica and lie in the Medvednica mountain massif, close the capital zagreb. Medvednica is a mountain massif stretching in the northeast-southwest direction, 42km long and 9km wide in its widest part. Its highest peak is Sljeme, with the height of 1392m. The area of Medvednica is 240 km2.
Medvednica is almost entirely covered with forest. Up to approximately 600m of altitude that is predominantly oak and chestnut forest. From 600m up it turns to predominantly beech forest, and beech mixes with fir as it gets nearer the top. On the northern side, coniferous woods prevail. Some exceptionally rare plants grow in the area of Medvednica.
A particular beauty of its woods are the flowers - saffron, snowdrop, heather, cyclamen and other. They are all protected and cannot be picked. The animal world is also diverse, with mammals - doe, deer, squirrel, fox, marten, rabbit, badger; and birds - pheasant, quail, snipe, eagle, falcon, titmouse.

Image1 Medvednica is a traditional outing spot for the people of Zagreb. In winter under snow, in summer in shade, it provides great possibilities for use in all seasons. Skiing, snowboarding, sleighing, mountaineering and walking in the snow in winter; and hiking, trekking, sports activities and cycling in spring, summer and autumn are the activities literally inviting the inhabitants of Zagreb and their guests.

Croatian ski team | St. Mortiz, 16 February 2003
Croatian ski team triumphed in St. Moritz. Croatia is the second ski nation in the world, and is, along with Austria, the only nation with three gold medals. Janica has two (combination and slalom), and her brother Ivica one (slalom). This is the first time in the long history of World Cups that two siblings have both won the gold. The best Croatian women’s skier Janica Kosteliæ climbed the top step of the victory pedestal in St. Moritz twice. Although in the past few months she spent more days in hospital than in training, Janica still turns everything she touches into gold. After triumphing in combination, the three-times Olympic champion was victorious in slalom as well, thus winning the title of the best skier of the championship. Considering the fact that she has already secured the title of the World Cup best women’s skier and that she is close to overall victory, the winning of the big crystal globe, Janica stands a strong chance of becoming the world sportswoman of the year.