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Image1 With Croatia being a mountainous country it is a rock climbers dream. Croatia can offer everything from multi-pitch traditional routes, to sports climbing on glorious limestone. Many of the crags are located close to major towns and popular holiday resorts; such as the capital Zagreb; the coastal resorts around Split and Zadar; and the coastal Istria region in the North. Located in the Zadar region is the world famous Paklenica National Park, with its 350m high face known as Anica Kuk, in the national park Paklenica are more than 400 routes, for all levels. In the autumn and the winter climbers must be very careful because the hard bora-wind (bura), which makes climbing extreme difficult. Vela Draga in Croatia is a magic climbing area. Water and wind actions have created unique rock formations.
Even if the first climbs dates back to 1931 there are not so many routes made, so don’t plan a week in Vela Draga if you are not planning to put up new routes.