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Croatia is outstanding performer | Zagreb, April 26 (FPB) - The last three years have been a very good and active period for Croatia; a period of radical changes and a shift in state policy, which has focused on the most important issues concerning the state, OSCE Mission head Peter Semneby said yesterday.


Croatia is hottest place in 2005 | Zagreb: Lonely Planet, the travel book publisher, has picked Croatia as the hottest destination for 2005. Each year Lonely Planet employees around the world are asked to vote for the hot, as in ‘have to go there!,’ travel destinations.

Image17 Croatia soared to the top of this year’s poll after a fourth-place finish last year. The Lonely Planet says the country’s appeal is its unique combination of culture, history, cuisine, accessibility and affordability. As one staffer wrote, “This is Croatia’s year. It appeals to a wide range of travelers with its rich diversity of attractions. It has not yet been over-touristed, but it has developed an excellent tourism infrastructure – so that it suits both adventurous travelers and those who need a degree of comfort in their planning.”


Dubrovnik: the pearl of the Adriatic | One of the most renowned and read American weekly magazines, the TIMES wrote how Dubrovnik is the «Pearl of the Adriatic» in its last issue, and how this city has charmed its visitors for over a thousand years.

The article expounds on the beauties of the city, its cultural monuments, and the famous personalities that have visited the city. It invites everyone who has not already been in Dubrovnik to come and do so as soon as possible.
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Eu postponed Croatian entry talks | European Union foreign ministers have postponed imminent talks on Croatia's EU entry because of Zagreb's failure to arrest a war crimes suspect.
Ministers want Croatia to co-operate fully with The Hague tribunal by handing over General Ante Gotovina.

Velika Gorica very nice city | Velika Gorica won the second place by the the Silver flower award which means it is the second most beautifull city in Europe after the English city Harrogate. Velika Gorica is only 16 km away from Zagreb, it is in a way retained as broader Zagreb area. In the immediate vicinity of the village of Pleso is the Zagreb airport. The main road and railway line connecting Zagreb and Sisak pass through Velika Gorica. Some 33.000 inhabitants live there. Not far from the town is an intersection of major highways, which all gives Velika Gorica an extremely good position.

Valuable archaeological sites have been located in Velika Gorica and its environs. These date back to prehistoric times (burial grounds), ancient times (graves from the period of early Roman emperors) and early Middle Ages (different artefacts, china that was used in Carolinian cultural circle).

Image5Croatia has the cleanest seas | Croatia has one of the cleanest seas and one of the most-indented coastlines in the whole Adriatic tregion. That concludes the Croatian department of Environment. After research it seems to be that 97,4% of the Croatian beaches is suitable for swimming and that is the highest amount of clean beaches in the whole Adriatic region. It seems to be that 575 beaches are exceptional clean and that is a very high standard.

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